A Tough Week.

“Time to change things”, “new gym routine”, “full body workouts” – Just a few of many thoughts and ideas that went through my mind a couple of weeks back. So as you know, I put a new program together last week to challenge myself and push forwards with my goals. Let’s start at the start……

Monday, gym – first full body session followed by 5 x 3 minute rounds on the bag. Got home thinking “Good session but I’m not really feeling anything right now. Maybe I haven’t got the weights right yet”.

Tuesday, 6 mile run – Woke up slightly sore but nothing major. However, I got progressively more tender over the course of the day. The run went well averaging 08:01m/m.

Wednesday, gym – Could feel the soreness quite prominently most of the day but once I was up and moving it eased. Lifted heavy for 4-6 reps which felt good but much like Monday, didn’t feel like I’d worked hard when I was leaving the gym.

Thursday, 4 mile run – Sore is an understatement!! Stairs? Sod that!! The run was slow and steady but still a respectable 08:26m/m average. Recovery pace? I could probably do with pulling back to maybe 08:45-09:00m/m?

Friday, gym – Feeling better but still slightly sore. Gym session was light weights at 12-15 rep range followed by 5 x 3 minute rounds on the bag. I walked out feeling like I’d worked on this one but it was more of a cardio type feeling?

Saturday, 6 mile run – Not much soreness but it was there in the background for most of the day. Completed the run at 07:48m/m which felt good.

Sunday, rest day – and I needed it!!

It’s now Monday morning of week 2 and I’m happy to report that I’m not sore and I feel absolutely awesome. What I’ve taken from last week is this – you won’t always feel the session until the next day. Also, the only way forwards is to step out of your comfort zone and push for what you want. Let’s see what week 2 brings.


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