On The Mend? Apparently Not…….

This post will contradict itself half way through, but stick with me because I started writing before today’s run. I just didn’t want to edit what I’d already written because I needed to show you & myself how quickly things can change……

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I think my knee is starting to get better. On top of last weeks 5 & 4 miles, I ran 7 miles on Sunday pain free and another 6 miles on Tuesday. I tried to find a fairly flat route on Sunday with an easier finish and then decided to go for a more challenging run on Tuesday. Bearing in mind that where I live is quite hilly, this is what I came up with:-Thursday was a short 3 mile recovery run which also went well, then today I’ve gone for 8 miles using a more challenging route. I figured that bringing my miles back down then building them back up week by week to get back to 10 miles was the way to go. Apparently, today’s run was not a good idea. Just past the 6 mile mark I felt a twinge and I kept getting this twinge for the next half a mile. After that it didn’t come back until around the 7.5 mile mark and to be honest, it just felt shit. I’m not sure what to do now. Do I stop running all together for a few weeks and concentrate on the gym only? Do I run no more than 6 miles on any given run? When I began this post yesterday, everything was looking good. After today, I feel slightly lost.


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